Self-Catering Cottage in Castlebar, Ireland

May 29 through June 4th

Castlebar, County Mayo, Ireland was supposed to be a small country village full of traditional Irish charm…. near  Croagh Patrick, Grace’s Castle, Achill Island and the Castlebar Music Festival.   It turned out to be NEAR all that but….it has lost any charm it might have once possessed.   I don’t mean to be unkind, however, Castlebar is not on my list of places to recommend anyone stay.  We were lucky….I guess….to have rented what is called a “Self Catering Cottage” which means you cook your own food, clean up, they do not provide anything…not even much toilet paper.  The good thing about Self-Caterings are the price and they usually have a washer/dryer.   But!  Even though I had sent them at least 20 e-mails confirming this and that….I am serious….at least 20 e-mails…..there were troubles.   The dryer did not work at all,  the dish washer leaked, we had to pay by the kila-whatever for electricity (they had a meter on everything) plus – this is the WORST part, the hot water was on a timer,  and it had to be “bumped” in order to obtain shower water.   There was not enough water for showers – not enough WATER at all.  Not even any cold water.   We decided that since it was so cheap, we would stay but Danny had to take Egan to a gym to exercise and then shower.  Patrick and Casey had to use the showers in the “health center” at the place……….finally after three days of NO shower for me (women and girls are not allowed IN the gym!)…….I complained and they let us use the shower in the Lodge.  But, as Patrick kept reminding me “we are in Ireland” and Danny kept saying “it is good value” (which means it is CHEAP) and so we roughed it out and saved money to spend in Dublin.   CLICK HERE to see the photos from Castlebar.