Kylemore Abbey (or extreme protection of genetic material)

May 29th we visited Kylemore Abbey

Kylemore Abbey is the home of Benedictine Nuns, a museum with stunning rooms and furniture, spectacular gardens currently under renovation…plus…this is the good part….a School for high school age girls from all over the world.   Set alone the Abbey has a large cold wind swept lake in its front yard,  surrounded by walled (high walls) gardens and nothing else around for mile after cold windy mile.   Having a strange imagination …..not to mention a strange sense of humor…..I tried to imagine what offenses (commissions or omissions – either one would work)  had inspired the parents of each and every girl to send their precious virginal female off-spring to be schooled and protected by the Benedictine Nuns.  What would make an otherwise sensible Parent to go to such extremes to protect that genetic material?   Boy friends, of course, that is the first thing that comes to mind…..maybe actual crimes like shop lifting?  Or drugs or alcohol…..or maybe one of the girls is really a young looking older person there to take name and notes and later write a book?  I joked and threatened to find such a school for Egan but the boys just laughed at me and said they knew I would never do such a thing.   It is interesting to think about….who sends their kids off to the wilds of Ireland for school?  Homeschooling had / has it challenges and certainly there are those days I want to strangle people….but…I don’t want to ship them off.  At least not today.  CLICK HERE to see the photos from the Abbey.