Caving in Cong, County Mayo, Ireland

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Today was the day we tried to climb Croagh Patrick to have Patrick’s graduation ceremony but we had to turn back before we even got started.  It was too hot and the climb would have been too rocky and steep for Mom and Dad.  Mom was the first to admit she could not do it but then I admitted it and so did Dad.  Casey and Patrick said they would still climb but we all said we would wait and try it when it cooled off.

So, instead we drove over to a town called Cong and that took about an hour but Mom drove and we found some caves.  The first one was not much at all.  It was called Kelly’s Cave and was just one hole but they had a huge metal gate blocking it so we could not get in there.  The 2nd one was supposed to be the best but the Tourist Information Office told us that someone bought it private and will not let anyone in there any more.  That stinks.  We then drove to the 3rd Cave and it was very nice.   We had to hike through a really big woods which is rare in Ireland since the British cut down all the Irish trees years ago and the Irish have not had time to plant the trees back yet.  It was nice to be in the woods again.   We found the Cave named Pigeon Hole.  It was great.  A group was there from an Outdoor Education Center and they were taking some elementary children down in there and even helping them to rappel down the sides.

I liked climbing around in the bottom of the cave.  Someone had set up water systems and we could hear the pump turn on.  It was fun.  You can CLICK HERE and go see my pictures from the Cave.