After a week spent in Casltebar we made it to Dublin.  Castlebar was an interesting time, i really enjoyed the Castlebar Guinness Blues Festival and the music was great.  last Saturday night dad and i wandered up and down the streets to hear music and see what we could see, then Sunday night mom and I did the same trip to listen to music again.  The hotel we stayed at was a self service one, the shower pumps were broke so only a small drip of water came out for showers and if you were fast enough there would be enough hot water for two showers.  Other than music, i got to take the pirate flag into Grace’s Castle, see Achill (a chill) Beach and play in some water, hike Croagh Patrick and hoist the pirate flag from the top, and finally Patrick graduated.

Now to Dublin, we got in last night and mom did a great job of driving into the city, we got turned around at one point near the end of the trip but a gentleman from the hotel in a purple coat walked outside to direct us, this was after driving in a bus only lane and being told by a police officer to make an illegal “U” turn which he gave us permission to do after he saw it was mom doing the driving!   the hotel is very nice, Beyonce stayed here last night, her body guards are very big, and my dad caught a glimpse of her.  Last night I went and saw Dan Deacon and Ensemble which rocked some socks off.  Besides the basement party music, the crowd participated in dance offs, follow the dancer, head touching, and a human tunnel that wrapped around the entire venue.  Dublin is a huge city, not as large as London though, and there is way too much to do.  this is day number two here and we are just getting settled in, seeing what there is to see, doing the bus tour, and finding some places to obtain food for everyone.  Now i’m off to find the car that is parked somewhere and a place to get a bite to eat and maybe some music.

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