Danny saw Beyonce (this is true)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Today we left Castlebar, Ireland and drove back over to the East side and Dublin.  The Ireland Tourist Office had helped us make the reservation at a hotel they said was “very comfortable” and we would have Internet in the hotel (which has been a problem thus far) plus it was close to the Pubs where Casey wanted to hear music.  Since we had saved a lot of the budget money is Castlebar (cheap Self Catering Cottage plus the boys cooked our own food) we made the reservation.   When we arrived,  I was stunned to see seven “porters” and / or “bus boys” all run out to greet us, park the car, help with the ton of luggage, and guide us to the lobby.  The rooms were not ready so we went into the Pub (perfectly respectable in Ireland and not at all nasty nor a den of thieves) for a proper lunch.   Danny leaves to find the “Loo” (toilet as it is known  here / a “bathroom” is the place one takes a bath, not to go “potty”) and returns practically boasting that he saw “Beon-c”.    You saw WHO?  The boys said?   I saw “Beon-c” and her “Entourage” said Danny.   Seems that Beyonce the American rock singer and TV personality was in Dublin for a concert,  she was staying in THIS hotel and the Body Guards had guarded the hall and let her “pass” and Danny saw the whole affairs.  Only problem was there were TWO women in the middle of the “Entourage” and so while Danny HAS seen Beonce,  he is not sure which of the two women were actually Beyonce!   When Danny reports this tale,  I begin frantically to dig in my purse for the Ireland Tourist Board ticket to see what price I had agreed to pay since it seemed unlikely a Rock Star would be staying at a place I can afford.   But – yes indeed,  we are lucky this time and we have a “good value” deal at a “happening place”!   Casey is going to a concert of some type tonight.  Danny is going out for a walk.  Egan and Patrick and I are trying to catch up on the Blogs and Internet comics while we have a chance!