Swimming at Achill Island, Ireland

Monday, June 1, 2009

Today we drove way out to an Island named Achill.  We did not plan for the beach but luckily I had extra clothes in the car and we used shirts for a towel.  I was able to swim for almost 2 hours.  The waves were good and it was wide and flat so I could go way out in the water before Mom would start to scream for me.  Casey went out with me for a while but then he said it was too cold.  I had fun and did not think it was too cold.  There were not many shells but the sand was very white and nice.  For some reason the water was not as salty as in the U.S. even though it was the Atlantic Ocean.  I hope we will find a beach on the other side of Ireland since that will be the Irish Sea and I can say I swimmed in it too.  Later,   We ate lunch at a place along the road but it was not too good.  Mom bought a blue scarf.  Then,  Dad took me swimming in the pool again.  I had to use ear drops since my ears get sore.  On Tuesday we are supposed to try to climb Croagh Patrick but it is so hot that we are not sure about it.  Signed:   Egan Asbill-Beck  CLICK RIGHT HERE to see my Beach Photos that my Mom took for me.