Somebody got arrested and it was not me

The Garda (Police) arrested somebody and it was not me (and not Casey either)!
When we were in Salisbury, England, when we were about to leave town, we ordered some very good pizza to eat in the car.  We had to sit on benches outside to wait for the pizza  to cook.  It was crowded since they had a market that day.   Close to where we were trying to sit in peace, two boys were throwing “poppers” which are little tiny fire cracker things you hold and throw on the ground hard and they pop loud and smell bad.   They can also burn your fingers if you crush them.  The boys were throwing them at people’s feet and once they scared an old lady.  Someone must have told on them since the Garda showed up and were walking fast towards the bad boys and got them before they could run!  They started filling out some papers and my Mom asked a woman about it.  She said the Garda can give kids “tickets” that are warnings.  If they get three of tickets, the Garda call their parents or even take them into jail.  I thought they should have called their parents anyway since even little kids know you are not supposed to throw those things at people.  It was funny to me to see the Garda put a stop to it and those boys who had been laughing at the old lady, then they were not laughing any more.   If you CLICK HERE, then you can see the pictures I took of the Garda getting the bad boys.