I got to Boulder in Clifden

Egan’s Favorite photos from Clifden
Hello to the Aunts and Uncles and whoever is reading this.  We are in Castlebar, County Mayo, Ireland now but I have to go backwards and do my Travel Diary notes from before now. One of my best days was in Clifden when I went to hike and found a rock wall to climb.  It is called Bouldering and it was the first real Bouldering I have done outside the Rock Gym in Brevard.  That was not real but this climb was real.  My Dad took photos and you can see them.  Also, I caught Casey tresspassing where he was not supposed to be and I got photos of him doing it to show.  He cut his legs up but he was OK.  At Faul House their dog Ruby remembered me from last time and sat in my lap.  I also got to see their new ponies, hike out to the Sea through the sheep pasture, ate pancakes Kathleen made me, and sleep in the room with Casey and Patrick.  That was good since I got to get away from Mom and Dad’s snoring which they say they do not snore but they do.   You can CLICK RIGHT HERE to go see my photos from Faul House and Clifden.