Faul House in Clifden, County Galway, Ireland

Clifden, County Galway, Ireland
Back in 1984, on September 10th, Danny and I stayed at Faul House Bed and Breakfast owned by Kathleen and Michael Connelly.  We were on our Honeymoon and Clifden was a stop along the way to Westport to see the castles of The Pirate Queen Grace O’Malley.   In 2006, when we traveled to Ireland for Casey’s high school graduation Journey, we returned to Faul House and Clifden and it was one of the best stops on our trip.  Kathleen and Michael still run the Farm, Bed and Breakfast and it was great fun to take the boys to the same places we explored way “back in the day.”  This year, 2009, while on Patrick’s high school graduation Journey, we returned to Faul House and Clifden for two days of rest since we are now very comfortable with the area and knew it was safe for the boys to roam, have “space” and hike alone.  Kathleen found the Guest Books from 1984 and 2006 and we were able to see where Danny and I signed.  Since 2009 is our 25th wedding anniversary, Faul House and Clifden was a great way to celebrate and remember.
While out hiking, Egan caught a view of Casey hiking over a pasture where he was not supposed to be!  So – Camera in hand, Egan took photos to “prove” his claim that Casey had trespassed.   Egan also got photos of the barb wire Casey climbed over and the dogs Casey avoided by climbing over yet another fence but this one was a proper stone wall fence.   Casey returned to the Bed & Breakfast house with cuts, scrapes and bruises from his adventure in the Nettles and rocks.  Egan was proud to produce the “evidence” of Casey’s crimes.
Not to be outdone by Casey, Egan decided to go “bouldering” and climbed up a Rock Face over the water of the Bay of Clifden.  Danny was on hand to take photos of this stunt which they both knew full well I would have forbidden had I been on hand to see it.  Since they had the photos, and Egan was still in one piece,  Egan was allowed to climb the Rock Face again to show me “in person” it could be done without breaking bones.
Casey and I had a “night out” which is an understatement.  Since I do not know who will be reading this, lets just say a Good Time was had by All – mainly Mary Ann.  A very good time.  The music was awesome.  We saw two groups playing Traditional Irish Music and took lots of photos.  It was not crowded and so we were able to talk to the Musicians,  request songs and even sing with them a bit.  Also,  I was sitting right smack next to one of the “spoons players”….but did not know I was sitting right in the middle of the band until he pulled out the hand carved wooden spoons and began to play!  I could not move then, and so …there I sat like some over-grown Groupie…sitting, singing and clapping with the Band!  It was GREAT fun!  Click HERE to see photos from Clifden and Faul House.