Egan’s notes about Stonehenge and Salisbury

Egan’s Travel Notes about Stonehenge and Salisbury
This is my notes about Salisbury, England and seeing Stonehenge.  First, we had a bad hotel.  They did not have any parking and my Dad had to drive up on a sidewalk to park, then move the car and he was new at the driving on the “wrong side” of the road and he had to sit on the other side of the car, which caused a lot of cussing.  Someone even shot him the “bird finger”.   We only stayed one night and it was a good thing since my Mom was cussing about the whole thing.   The hotel people had sent her e-mail photos that were not really of the same place.   At night, when we were in bed, and I had to share a room with my Mom and Dad, I was in the little bed near the window.  It was so hot and they had lied to my Mom on e-mail and there was no Air but anyway, the window had chains on the side to keep the window from opening all the way.  I was almost sleeping but we heard two men talking on the roof!  Two boys about 20 years old had climbed up on the roof.  My Mom went to the window and after a short conversation, the boys were no longer on the roof and I bet they won’t climb out there again either.  At least I would not.  Anyway, we saw Stonehenge, ate at a good pizza restaurant, but I ate Mussels too, then went two times to the Salisbury Cathedral which is my Mom’s favorite Church and she claims that either she was there in another Dimension or her Ancestors were there or both.  It was nice and they had real dead bodies under stones and in stone vaults and some had statues carved in stone over their graves.   In town there was a market and it was nice and then we had to take Mom to the Hospital but it was nice too and the Doctor did exactly what Mom told them to do and she got some drugs for her eye.   It was peaceful that they did not argue with her and they were quick to get us out of there.   We then left to get an airplane trip to Ireland.   You can CLICK HERE and see some photos from Stonehenge and Salisbury.