A trip to the Hospital!

A trip to the Hospital in Salisbury, England
Wouldn’t you know it….I spent months threatening Casey and Egan that I absolutely did not want any rough stuff nor any climbing nor any unsafe anything at all…since I totally did not want a Trip to the Hospital and…according to my predictions, it was Casey or Egan who would get us there.  But, such was not the case.   It was ME!  Dern.
While in London, we took a ride-tour on one of those open top double decker buses and a piece of pollen chunk got in my eye.   I was able to get it out, but in doing so, scratched the eye…and by the nex day it was red, etc.   Three days later, in Salisbury, it  was clear to me that I needed Antibiotics to get the secondary infection out of the eye.
Thanks be to The Goddess, a Woman Doctor was on duty at the Hospital and she agreed, checked to be sure nothing else in there, we had a fun chat and off I went to the Pharmacy to obtain the eye medication.
All of this would be a Non-Event except for the facts that it took only about 4 minutes to get signed in = that is FOUR – FOUR MINUTUES.  I am not joking.   One woman asked me a few questions, there was one short form and BANG – it was done.  She was nice, friendly, polite,  it was EASY and BANG – I was in a chair and waiting to see the Doctor.   THEN,  all of a sudden and without but about a 2 minute wait, the Doctor HERSELF – SHE = the DOCTOR came to the waiting room and fetched me.  We talked, she looked at the eye, we discussed what should be done and she treated me like I had a brain and not like I was some stupid drug addict like the Doctor’s in America treat people……and WOW I was out of there in no time and out to get the medicine.
The Pharmacy was AMAZING!   I got in line but….I was about the 11th person in  line.  Now…at the drug store we have to use near the house in Saluda, to be 11th in line would mean 6 hours of waiting.  I am not kidding.   They NEVER ever get a prescription in less than 2 hours.  BUT – as I watched,  it was stunning…..there were four young women (probably only age 20 or 22) and they were polite and getting the paper prescriptions and taking them to a back room…but we could see the 2 Pharmacist in there working…..they filled the Prescriptions (there appeared to be one more helper back there in the booth) and sent the prescriptions BACK OUT RIGHT THAT MINUTE!   It only took about 5 minutes for my whole transaction including paying!
Now…how did they do this you might ask??  They were WORKING and not drinking soda and they were WORKING and not gossiping and they were WORKING and not whining about the boss…..it was smooth and easy.  American Pharmacies, and the Hospitals too should have to take notes and then make some major changes.
In any case,  my eye is better and I hope no one else has to visit a hospital but at least it was better than what would have happened had we been at home.  They even gave me a 2nd tube of the medicine “just in case” the other eye became involved.   CLICK HERE to see the Pharmacy Photos which I took just to remember the whole quick experience by.