Rock ‘N Roll!!!!!!

I am thinking maybe I should name this post “You know you are old when….” but – I will stick to ROCK ‘N ROLL!!!   Last night Casey and I went to see Eric Clapton in concert at the Royal Albert Hall.  The Hall was spectacular and we got there early enough to tour around the building.  The concert was great but….the musicians SAT DOWN for part of the concert and one of them put on a pair of EYE GLASSES!  Later in the concert, one of the sat on a stool to do his part.  The audience was “mature” said Casey.  I said we were old.  Plain ole Old!  But – it was a good concert and part of the fasination was to actually hear the music this go ’round.  30 years ago when I saw Eric Clapton…I was….well….having so much Fun that I did not hear all the songs….so this time I heard them fresh.  ROCK ‘N ROLLLLLLL!

Today we are off to take a bus tour in one of those double decker buses and we have already threatened Egan with Police action if he pulls any fire alarms or similar.  Patrick has found a bottled water he can drink (Patrick is our Water Official and has declared all tap water inferior and we should not drink it….I am drinking it anyway and so is Danny and Casey.  Egan copies Patrick and so he is drinking Bottled Water too. ) so he will not grouch around about being dehydrated and Casey is just ready to go go go go and go more.  Then, we tour a garden, see Trafalgar Square, and then if we have not killed each other, we will have dinner somewhere.