Last day in London!

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Today we:

-rode the Tube again and did not get arrested

-took a 2 hour Tour Bus all around London

-visited Buckingham Palace, saw the Queen’s horses, watched part of the “change” of Guards but declined to stay for the next hour of confusion

-saw Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, new London Bridge, a buck naked man in an ad that had something to do with a sports event (!), successfully “hailed” a Taxi without getting run over by maniac drivers,  lost Caesy for over an hour but then found him (he claimed to have been down in “under” London and he did not get the cell phone call but we are not sure we believe him), went to Picadilly Circus area for lunch (which everyone was able to eat but Casey since he was not there), and made it back towards Chelsea area where we toured Chelsea Physics Garden

-Chelsea Physics Garden was awesome.  So many plants, trees….everything for medicine.  We had these little earphone devices that told stories about how medicines were discovered, history of plants and so forth.  Mainly, I felt Ganki’s presence so clearly.  Granddaddy Hendrix too.  The boys pointed out that Ganki would have tried to “snitch” a cutting of every plant there!  It was a beautiful and amazing Garden with great history.  Casey’s big moment came when he found a real live and True Marijuana plant growing along side some lavender plants! (Yes, it is safely still there – we watched him to be sure.)  Egan liked the fish pond.  Danny liked the “mandarian plants” which said if you pulled one up, the plant would scream and then you would drop dead on the spot.  Patrick was the one who found the marijuana plants…..I have just been informed.

-We are tired, sunburned and eating dinner in the room again.  The boys have learned some math facts and announced we can no longer eat out for dinner time.  It is too expensive!  Egan claimed it would eat up his inheritance.  Patrick claimed it would eat up his law school money and Casey says he wants more airplane tickets to far away places more than he wants to eat dinner out.  So – their new plan is we get to eat a cheaper lunch out, then they buy up food at markets and cook in the room for dinner.  Danny and I were allowed a bottle of cheap red wine for tonight.  Casey is cooking new potatoes, carrots, brocolli.   Egan has salami and French bread.  Patrick has Parma ham, fruit, and French breads.  Danny and I have a deli serving of salad, pasta and breads.   Egan somehow scored a small carton of chocolate ice cream!

Tomorrow we receive delivery of a rented “mini van” that some Fool was nuts enough to rent us.  We will attempt to drive OUT of London which will not be easy, find our way to Salisbury and Stonehenge.

I only have one  best photo from today.