from London to Salisbury

London has been amazing and I’m sure i will come back one day, hopefully with family and maybe some friends.  Between seeing the amazing history, buildings, Eric Clapton, art, food, fashion, gardens, and the normal tourist sites as well it has been a great time, plus little brothers set off alarms, i got invited by a few drunk gentlemen to go out on the town with them, and I’ve gotten lost a few times, so there has been excitement as well.  I’m packed and read to head out to Salisbury and keep the trip and excitement going.  Now it is time to crawl into my Mont-bell ultra light super stretch down hugger #4 and let the sounds of the London street lull me to sleep.  (the sounds don’t actually help me sleep but i do enjoy listening to the cars, horns, hollers, and music and i get fresh air)

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