May 21-23

Hello this Patrick and this is what has happened on our trip to London so far.

May 21

We made it through airport security with no real problems and everything went fine. Then we got on the plane and shortly after it “crashed” well not really, i guess i should say the planes software crashed.

About a hour and a half and one reboot later the plane it up and running and we are on our way.

When the plane landed in London I got sick. I’m blaming it on Internet withdraw because as soon as I got off the plane and could play with my phone then i started to feel much better. I also took a nap but i think it was the phone.

We spent the rest of the day just wandering around London we found a nice Italian restaurant and we ate dinner there it was very nice I ate bread and olives and melon and parma ham and some grilled chicken.

May 22

We rode the tube to the tower of London and toured around there had some trouble because it was extremely crowded and Egan decided to poke a alarm system and that turned out about as well as can be expected. We did get some nice photos of the outside of the buildings but it was to crowded to go into most of them. Then we went back home and ate at the house.

May 23

Today we rode the tube to Victoria station and when we got out then there was a large crowd of people hooting and hollering. Apparently a sports team was supposed to arrive soon and they where going to greet them. We had to walk back to the house because there were so many people in the tube after we got there. We stopped by a farmers market type thingĀ  and we ate at a cafe there.

We went back to the house for a while and then went back out and found a pizza place to eat at we walk past it at first because we didn’t know what to look for I guess for a restaurant call the pizza express we weren’t really looking for a entrance like this.

The food was very good though. After we ate we headed back to the house, Mom and Casey changed and headed out to a concert they want to see.

Well that’s all for now I’ll update more later.


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